Ever wonder about baby teeth?  What’s normal development?  How should you treat a cavity in a baby tooth?  When should you worry?  Here are some myths and facts with regards to baby teeth:

Myth # 1

     Baby teeth don’t matter, because they’re going to fall out anyway.


     Unhealthy baby teeth can mean unhealthy permanent teeth, since bacteria can be passed down from one top tooth to the one waiting underneath.

Myth # 2

     A baby’s oral health isn’t a big deal until the first tooth appears.


     Healthy gums are just as important as healthy teeth – babies’ gums need to be cleaned after every meal.

Myth # 3

     Baby teeth have no effect on permanent teeth.


     Baby teeth can have a huge impact on how permanent teeth come in.  These 20 “temporary teeth” help make adequate space in the mouth for the 32 permanent teeth.  If some are missing because they had to be pulled, it could result in “crowded” permanent teeth.  The spacing and structure of primary teeth also help children develop clear speech, chew certain foods such as crunchy celery and carrots.  

Myth # 4

     Dentist appointments can wait a few years


     Babies should visit the dentist within six months of the eruption of their first tooth or by the age of one year for an assessment of growth and development.

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The above information was referenced from a great article by Sally Rummel printed in the Healthy Teeth/Healthy Body publication July 13, 2014