315 South Howell Street Pinckney, MI 48169

Bio: Welcome to our family! Since the majority of our office staff has been working together for many, many years, and a substantial number of our patients have been under our care for generations, we are able to get to know many of our patients on a first-name basis. We celebrate their milestones, cheer their successes, and share the inevitable down days of life. We pride ourselves on catering to the unique, individual needs of our patients. It is truly a warm, caring, and friendly office that not only gives you and your family the best possible dental care but does so in a sincerely kind, gentle environment. We welcome you to stop in to meet our staff, the doctor, take a tour of the office or ask any questions you may have. Please note that the posts shared and provided on this site are for informational purposes only and not intended to diagnose or treat any illness. All medical and dental concerns should be discussed with your provider.

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