Hello Friends!

Happy New Year!  

That statement typically brings forth thoughts on renewal and personal resolutions.  If you have resolved to improve your health, a good place to start is with regular dental cleanings and exams.  It sounds a bit cliché, but regular checkups do make a difference.  The instruments that the hygienists use are much more effective at removing plaque build up than a toothbrush and floss alone, and the x-rays and/or high power magnifying lenses the doctors use are often able to detect small problems before they become bigger, painful and possibly more expensive.  Seeing your dental professional regularly also helps track changes in your oral health.  Oral cancers are on the rise and early detection is key. 

For those of you with dental insurance, many policies renew in the new year.  This means that you may have new dental funds to use before the end of the next calendar year.  Since every plan is different, your dental office staff would be happy to discuss your individual plan with you.  They are experienced professionals who are trained to maximize your benefits to your best advantage.  For those who do not have insurance, there are many options to choose from to maintain a healthy smile.  Ask us!  We are always happy to answer questions you may have.  Dentistry is our passion and our goal is to help you achieve the healthiest smile possible.

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Keep smiling:)